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faq: zef ecosystem

What's fez and what's the zef eco? Fez is the tool used for uploading your dists to the zef ecosystem.  Subquestion: why the name fez?  Surely »

fez|zef - a raku ecosystem and auth

fez is a utility for interacting with the zef ecosystem.  you can think of it as the opposite of zef. zef downloads distributions and installs them and fez uploads making »

zef ++ ecosystem

TLDR; making the entire git ecosystem available to zef is in testing and should be available soon.  Module author tools are in early alpha phase and, if you'd »

Rakudo Nightly & Faster CI

This article is going to walk through using a docker image to CI little modules on Circle CI and Travis CI - tl;dr just copy the appropriate config files »

zef plugin - a very alpha glimpse

Disclaimer: This design could change before zef plugins is thrown into the world but this is the initial look at the plugin paradigm and something you can follow along and »