5 tips for writing better Perl6 modules

1. Provide a provides section Without giving a provides section in your META file, a package manager will just have to recursively grep your directories and hope that anything it »

284 Days and Counting; Nearly a Year of Perl Commits

I don't remember the why. Something like 300 days ago I had decided to make open source contributions every day for an entire year. (I say 300 because after a »

A quick and simplified look at how Zef works

Everything has to start somewhere. A Perl6 package's story usually starts at its META.info file, a file containing various bits of information that describe the package and what it »

Using supply timers and promises to create a Perl6 terminal progress bar

A simple progress bar was the target of my attention a few months back. It would consist of 3 parts: Capture the output from stdout Some sort of timer to »

STD multiplexing in Perl6, part 2

In the previous post, Managing stdout from multiple processes: STD multiplexing in Perl6, kinda, we created a function procs2stdout that would take any number of @processes, set them up to »